Thursday, August 13, 2009

Will Ana Ever Form?

Tropical Depression #2 is having a hard time developing into Ana but if it can get through today, I feel it will have a very good chance to develop into our first named storm of the year. The dry air on the northern fringe of our tropical system is no were near as strong as it was yesterday. Also, the ridge of high pressure in the central Atlantic is strengthening pushing our tropical system on a more westerly course rather than turning to the northwest. The southwesterly winds aloft have also relaxed so our tropical depression will be encountering less wind shear today than yesterday however, there still is fairly strong unidirectional shear from the stronger mid level easterly winds. Now the wind shear and dry air really ripped this system apart late yesterday but the latest visible satellite indicates new thunderstorms are forming near the center of circulation. If this trend continues, look for the tropical depression to strengthen once again and possible be named Ana by tomorrow morning.

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