Friday, April 9, 2010

Remembering One Year Ago Today

One year ago today a tornado outbreak began across East Texas and proceeded to spread across much of the Mid South and Southeast. Before the outbreak ended, 87 tornadoes touched down causing 5 deaths and injuring 146 people.

The day began with a moderate risk of severe weather across parts of Arkansas and a slight risk across most of East Texas and Louisiana. Across East Texas, the threat was very conditional, meaning if the storms were to develop, they would rapidly become severe but there was still a chance no storms would form at all.

Well, the storms did develop and ended up producing large hail and 5 tornadoes across East Texas.
Tornado Tracks In Red.
Fortunately for us, very few injuries were reported and no fatalities occurred. It was a different story across other areas of the south where one tornado in Arkansas killed 3 people.

One of the most interesting aspects of this event was in Southwest Arkansas where an anti-cyclonic tornado struck near Centerpoint. This tornado was rated an EF-2 and had a damage path of up to a half mile, very large and strong for an anti-cyclonic tornado.
Now anti-cyclonic tornadoes are not unheard of, but what is interesting about this one was the unusually large size. The storm that produced this tornado began as a part of the supercell which produced three tornadoes in Cass County. This cell split and the left mover remained as strong as the right mover. The left mover showed anti-cyclonic circulation for around 30 minutes before the half mile wide tornado touched down.

You can read more about this event from the Nation Weather Service in Shreveport here.