Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Storm Watch Issued

The image above from the National Weather Service Shreveport

A winter storm watch is in effect for our central and eastern counties tomorrow afternoon through Friday morning. Widespread snowfall amount of two plus inches can be expected. A few heavy bands of snow could develop along and south of I-20 producing local amounts between 3 and 5 inches, possibly as high as 6 inches in localized areas. Most of the snow will accumulate on elevated and grassy surfaces but during periods of heavy snow, slushy roads will develop. Overnight Thursday night we will see some snow develop on roadways.

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Benjamin Gunnells said...

we've gotten well over 5" so midnight we had 5", at 2am there was 1/2" more, and at 4:30am, another 1/2 inch. So far we're getting roughly 1/2" per 2 hours!!! In hallsville tx, 3700 area of noonday road. WOW that sure is a lot for east texas!