Tuesday, February 16, 2010

4th Greatest Snowfall in Longview Last Week

Thanks to the National Weather Service Fort Worth

Last week's snowfall across East Texas produced an amazing amount of snow across the area. Notice the snowfall map above that parts of East Texas saw a foot of snow near Canton and points west. We already looked at the way this storm stacks up historically in Tyler. So now let's look at this storm historically in Longview. It looks as though this snow will also go down as the 4th greatest snowfall in Longview as well. Longview kept much better records with no gaps of missing years of data. The top five snowfall events for Longview are as followed:

#1 Dec 21st, 1929 14"
#2 Dec 15-16th, 1983 8.5"
#3 Jan 13th, 1982 8.25"
#4 Feb 11-12th, 2010 7.0"
#5 Feb 1-2nd, 1985 6.0"

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