Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Look at Yesterday's Chase

Yesterday's chase was very successfully as we were able to capture great structure photos and end the day with a great lightning display. Above is the image of the storm that became severe in Cherokee County during its initial growth.

The photo above is the rotating updraft base from a severe cell in southwestern Anderson County. This base was fairly high and was undercut by the dryline. This caused the storm to quickly lose its intensity. I do like the fact you can see a little precipitation shaft behind the base. This was the storms rain/hail wrapping around the mesocyclone.

The image above is from the supercell base which became the prolific hail producer from Lindale to Gilmer and points north and east. The lowering is from the storm's inflow or where the warm moist air is ingested into the updraft. This eventually formed a nice wall cloud but due to roads and trees, a great image is not available.

The next three shots is how we ended the day. We decided to take a break from chasing and head to Love's Lookout north of Jacksonville. Here we had a great view of severe storms over Rusk, Cherokee, and Nacogdoches Counties. They performed well for us as we were able to get numerous lightning shots.

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