Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Severe Weather Possible This Evening

Tornado off of Newport Beach. Crazy right?! @SabrinaBryan on Twitpic

(Photo Above From Twitter of a California Waterspout/Tornado Yesterday)

We are still looking for a few severe thunderstorms to develop this afternoon and evening as a strong storm system heads towards East Texas. Right now a fairly strong cap is in place, or warm air just off the surface, keeping thunderstorm development at bay. But as surface temperatures warm, and the upper air disturbance nears, this cap will erode and we will see rapid development of storms. Right now it does appear the atmosphere will be unstable enough to produce large hail, greater than golfball size in a few areas. We could also see a few reports of wind gusts near 60 mph along with an isolated tornado. Right now the tornado threat does not look that great however, there is a window of opportunity for tornado development between 6 and 9 pm this evening as a meso low pressure develops near Dallas, forcing the surface winds out of the southeast, increasing the low level wind shear.

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