Friday, January 29, 2010

Parts of East Texas Could See Ice.

As we were hinting to yesterday, forecast models are having a hard time handling this shallow arctic air mass moving into East Texas. Temperatures already are around five degrees colder than these models were indicating and if this trend continues, a few areas north of I-20 could see some freezing rain later this afternoon.

As an area of low pressure moves to our south, northeast winds are bringing much colder air into the area from the Ozarks this morning. This is allowing middle 30s to set a foundation across the northeastern corner of East Texas. Rain will continue to develop to are southwest throughout the day as temperatures continue to drop towards the freezing point. Ground temperatures across East Texas are well above freezing so we are not anticipating a significant icing event. However, temperatures in a few areas will drop down to the freezing pint before the rain moves out, so ice could begin to accumulate on elevated surfaces such as trees and power lines as well as bridges and over passes later today. The best chances of this occurring will be from a Sulphur Springs to Pittsburg to Jefferson and points north and east.

We are still watching an upper level disturbance that will move towards the Red River Valley this evening. Moisture wrapping around the back edge of this system could bring a few snow flurries or freezing drizzle to the northern half of East Texas. Right now we are not anticipating much in the way of travel problems however; please use caution while driving over bridges and overpasses this evening and overnight tonight. Stay tuned to your East Texas News Leader for the latest.

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