Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday's Severe Storms

Severe Storm Over Lake Palestine
A few severe thunderstorms developed yesterday afternoon so I decided to head out and see what I could find. My first stop was the Marina at the Villages on Lake Palestine to get a great view of a developing storm which would become severe and produce numerous hail reports, at times to the size of golfballs near Frankston. I continued to watch this storm intensify and decided to see what it had to offer. So I left the Marina and crossed Lake Palestine on hwy 155. As I passed through Coffee City Small Hail began to mix in with very heavy rain. As the storm continued to intensify the hail became larger, around 0.5” in diameter. As I entered the small town of Berryville, hail reached penny size so I pulled off the road so I could make a quick call to report the severe weather. Shortly after the hail reached quarter size, the largest I would see this day. I was concerned for my windshield but I came through the storm without a crack. A couple of miles down hwy 155 the hail reached golfball size in Frankston so I am glad I stopped when I did, doubt the windshield would have survived. Below are a few pictures of yesterday's storms.

Storm Over Tyler Sunday Afternoon

The Beginning of a Severe Thunderstorm

Under The Core With Rain and Hail

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