Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Some places across East Texas awoke to what appeared to be snow yesterday. But if you were awake during the event, and most people were, you would know that a hail storm effected parts of the area Sunday night. I line of thunderstorms erupted ahead of a fast moving cold front Sunday night producing gusty winds and lots of small hail. We did receive reports of up to golf ball size hail in Montalba but most of the storms produced pea size hail. A storm that formed along the Rusk Panola county line produced a heavy dose of pea size hail which lasted for about 20 minutes. This caused an accumulation of small hail in some areas to reach 10” in depth. Now this occurs occasionally in western states but an accumulating hail even is very rare for East Texas. A big thank you to Rusty Nix for sending me photos of the hail accumulation.

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