Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Active Weather Pattern Setting Up....

Another fantastic afternoon across East Texas as temperatures soared into the middle to upper 70s with plenty of sunshine. We will see another warm afternoon tomorrow as temperatures warm into the low to middle 70s area wide. You will notice an increase in moisture as clouds begin to increase tomorrow and we could even see a few isolated showers in the afternoon. Overnight Friday night into Saturday morning a cold front will move through the area keeping the rain chances with us followed by some much cooler weather for the weekend. Behind the front winds at the surface will be out of the northeast bringing in much cooler air. Just above the surface winds will be out of the southwest bringing moisture off the Pacific Ocean, thanks to a developing area of low pressure aloft off the California Coast. This will keep clouds around all day Saturday and a slight chance of rain. Highs will be reached early Saturday in the middle to upper 40s but by the afternoon we will see the mercury hanging around the lower 40s with scattered light rain. A slight chance of rain will continue Saturday night as temperatures drop into the 30s. We are not anticipating and wintry weather at this time as temperatures should remain a few degrees above freezing. The cold front will move back to the north as a warm front Sunday night. How far north will the front move? Right now it appears the front will stall just to our south thanks to the aforementioned upper level low closing off west of California.

If the developing upper low to our west does not close off, the warm front will move north of the Red River Valley allowing temperatures reach the low to mid 60s with a few thunderstorms possible. But the current forecast keeps a northeast wind at the surface and a southwest wind aloft, bringing cool and wet conditions for East Texas Through Tuesday. On Wednesday the closed low will open up sending very warm air back into East Texas.

Temperatures could once again reach the low 70s by Wednesday afternoon. This could also set the stage for some thunderstorms as we head into Friday afternoon, allowing plenty of Gulf moisture to move back across the area before another cold front moves into East Texas. Stay tuned as computer models have flip-flopped over the past few days on how to handle the upper low developing off the California coast.

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