Monday, November 10, 2008

Severe Weather Possible Today.......

Severe Weather is possible across a good bit of central and east Texas today as a strong low pressure system develops to our northwest and moves across the Plains later today. The main threat of severe weather at this time appears to be large hail and strong winds however a tornado threat is beginning to take shape across Central Texas for later this afternoon. A warm front is beginning to move north across South Central Texas this morning and will continue on its northern track throughout the evening hours. It is along this front where we are seeing the strongest amount of wind shear, or winds of different directions and speeds as you move higher into the atmosphere. As storms fire in this area, they will begin to rotate and could produce isolated tornadoes. The afternoon tornado threat is dependent on surface temperatures this afternoon. If we can see a little sunshine and temperatures warm a few degrees more than what we are forecasting, then the chances of severe weather and tornadoes will increase. It is the warmer surface temperatures that will allow the updrafts for the developing storms to be rooted near the surface giving a chance for a few tornadoes to form. If surface temperatures stay cool enough, most of the developing thunderstorm updrafts will be above the surface layer, making it hard to produce tornadoes. But even with these storms, hail and high winds could be a threat.

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