Monday, December 17, 2012

Severe storms possible Wednesday

A strong area of low pressure will develop along a cold front and move across East Texas Wednesday evening.  As it moves towards East Texas scattered strong storms will develop Wednesday night.  Right now the best timing on the front’s arrival is around Midnight Wednesday Night Thursday morning.   Behind this front, strong northwesterly winds will usher in some fairly chilly weather for the end of the week.

Right now the greatest threat of severe weather appears to be strong gusty as the mid level flow across East Texas will be between 70 and 90 miles per hour.  The taller storms will be able to tap some of this wind and bring it down to the surface.  So it does appear likely the stronger storms will be able to produce winds of up to 80 miles per hour across East Texas late Wednesday night in to Thursday morning.  So start to plan now to remove loose objects from the yard and maybe the inflatable yard Christmas decorations just in case.

The overall threat of tornadoes right now appears rather low.  There will be a lot of low level shear favorable for tornado development but with surface winds remain out of the southwest ahead of the front, the amount of low level spin for tornado development appears less favorable.  There maybe one or two brief weak tornadoes but at this time the winds damage threat appears to be the greatest across East Texas.  Stay tuned for the latest developments. 

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