Friday, October 21, 2011

The Orionids Meteor Shower to Peak Tonight, Tomorrow Morning

The remains of Haley’s Comet will intercept the Earth’s orbit late tonight early tomorrow morning producing a meteor shower as these small particles burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere. The peak time for this event will be after midnight and by 2:00AM up to 20 meteors per hour can be expected. Although this is not as active as some meteor showers, Orionids have been known to streak far across the sky looking like balls of fire as they race along the horizon.
So where do you need to look to see this event? In the southeastern sky you will be able to find the constellation giving Orionids their name, the Orion.

It is from this general direction the meteors should fly across the sky. There may be a few clouds tonight but overall, the viewing conditions appear to be fairly good across East Texas tonight into tomorrow morning.

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