Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dolly, Please Bring Rain!!!

Dolly is expected to hit the Gulf Coast near Brownsville, TX around Midday tomorrow as a Category 1 hurricane. Very heavy rain and strong gusty winds will occur across south Texas over the next couple of days but over our region of the world, the heat continues. Now there is some good news for East Texas. Dolly will wrap some moisture back into our region starting tomorrow so our chances of afternoon and evening thunderstorms will increase. This will also cool our temperatures a bit over the next couple of days. However, our strong ridge of high pressure that has been dominating our weather will continue to push Dolly off to our south and build back into our region, heating us back up for the weekend. We could be entering a period of extended dry weather with our only chances of rain coming from isolated afternoon thunderstorms. There are signs that our weather pattern could change towards the end of July but, until then it looks hot and dry for at least the next week after Dolly’s moisture leaves East Texas.

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